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Your Pet, Your Family

Your Pet, Your Family

Posted By on Oct 28, 2015

Many people love having their own pets and maybe you are one of them. Do you have your own dog, a cat or even a bird? Having your own pet shows that you are a kind person since having pets must come with an effort to feed them, giving them a shower. In short, it needs a lot of time to take good care of them. Pets can bring us happiness in so many ways and they can be your friends too. Even your pet dogs know whenever you are happy or not since they have this kind of ability that can detect if we are feeling depressed or not. Dogs can even detect if you are sick.

There are lots of people find it nice to have a pet since pets can give them pleasure just by looking at them because they find their pets adorable and cute. Some owners find them funny and they even cuddle with their pets. According to some pet owners, their pets are able to get their stress out from work or from their problems. If you too have your own pet, you must really have to take care of them well and know more a lot of their feelings and especially with their health because you might not know that they have been getting some physical problems already but you’re not able to know since pets can’t talk.  Pets are like people but the difference is that they can’t tell you that they’re sick so before anything else, you must have them checked into vets.

Actually, there are ways to know if your pets are not feeling well. You can tell just by watching and observing them. If they are doing unusual things more often, then they might be not feeling well. So before anything gets worse, have them checked right now. There are many vets out there that can take good care of your pets and one of them is Cobie VetCare.Cobie Vetcare has already been serving many of their customers for a long time now and they have lots of satisfied customers. Their team has these facilities that fit the needs of checking your pets and to securely get their checkups done right.  You can actually check their website at and see more of their services.

It doesn’t really go easy when you have a pet since having a pet is like having your own little babies. You have to watch them, feed them regularly and have to spend more money just to take good care of them. But if you’re a true animal lover, then all of those won’t really matter at all since as what they say, a pet is family. Your pets need love and care as they also give their trust and loyalty to you so they also have the rights to have a good health and a better way of living. Pets can always be your friend so show them how you care.




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We love small animals to think that they have never matured and grow. The childish instinct of a person comes always when they see something cute or smaller than what they usually see. Some breed of animals comes just lately because of the process called crossbreeding and perfecting some of its characteristics including the size and their physique to apply for new breed registration for the new method of breeding they have used to create a new kind of breed.

Shetland ponies originated in the United Kingdom. They are short like other ponies but they are a strong and an intelligent breed. Its coat is thick and it has robust body. It is considered to be the strongest of all the horses and ponies breeds since it can pull something that weighs almost twice of its body weight. They are ideal to become children’s pet since they can give pleasure to small children because of it physical attributes and their gentleness that makes them lovable. If you are planning to purchase this kind of breed, you may check for you to have an idea on the tips on how to take care of them and how to train them to do some tricks if you are planning to bring it to the horse show.

There is an event which is also holding animal shows like horse shows that gives a chance to all horse owners to flaunt their ponies and horse pets for a showdown of talents and tricks. Shetland ponies are some of the intelligent ponies that participate in this kind of events. Pet owners had their pet conditioned and trained well to do the unique tricks to be able to win in the competition. They are also suite for an Olympic competition because of its quickness and agility.

Been used for general riding and may work at times, Shetland ponies can do many things that big horses can. Its body can tolerate temperature condition and it is considered to be a healthy breed and has high agility, but the only thing that the owner must watch out is their diet, since they are prone to catch laminitis which is the intolerable carbohydrates digestion that may cause them to suffer and die. Food should be controlled in quantity and you may seek the help of the veterinarian on their needs on how you will be able to be guided on its diet and nutritional needs.

When you are planning to purchase, you can actually pick 7 different colors on its breed. You can pick from grey, black which is the common, dun, roan, brown, piebalds which have the black and white on coat and the skewbalds which have the reddish brown and white pintos on its coat. There are many websites that offers this kind of breed, just find the most trusted one and have the love for upbringing this pets, you can go to to lead you to breeders who are not into selling but transforming owners into responsible and caring ones.

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Know What Your Pet Needs!

Know What Your Pet Needs!

Posted By on Jul 22, 2015

As a pet owner it is incumbent upon you that you should make sure your pet’s needs are well taken cared of. You cannot simply feed it, walk your pet around the block, and let it sleep. It is way more than those routine activities. There are certain things that you might not be familiar with that your pet does need very badly. This is where going to a vet care provider takes into the picture.

You will be able to get a grasp as to what your pet truly needs without having to run in circles to find out. A vet will simply tell you straight up what your dog or cat needs. Then, you will be given advice on what to do in order to fulfill those needs. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

But the real challenge here is for you to find a provider that can help you out any time of the day and offer the best service there is. Do you think it would be possible for you to find one? Guess what? You can simply pay They do have the right team of vets who have years of experience, and have build long and lasting relationships with other pet owners within the area of Sheffield.

The best part of it all is that they are open 7 days a week. Whether you do have an emergency or you would only want your pet to be checked, you do not need to worry. You can always count on them. Your pet will be checked and well attended to. Plus, they do have eight branches to choose from. Just take your pick as to what branch is near you. As you can see, you do not need to drive far in order to have a vet care provider check on your pet’s needs.

Again, it is far more important that as a pet owner you are going to tend to the needs of your pet. This will give you peace of mind that when you go to bed your pet is healthy and when you wake up, it will be there to play with you, have fun with you and help you eliminate stress.

It may take a bit of your time, but hey! It is all worth it. If it’s your pet’s health that is at stake, surely you will do everything for it. Why not do routine activities to make sure your pet is healthy? Do include a visit to a vet care provider. You will see a huge difference before and after. You will have a more alive, fun, and healthy pet at home who is going to be your best friend for years to come. Isn’t that something to look forward to?

Why won’t you start paying a visit to the site mentioned? Check it out. See if there are services offered that you can avail today or next week. Or ask for an advice regarding to your pet if you want to.

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We, humans, may be required to have a regular checkup and we all know it that it is a must. This is to have the proper supervision of our health maintaining it to be always ok and of course to see the unseen conditions without any symptoms. So, the doctor will be able to monitor and to treat the unknown and known illnesses inside us. So, this does the same with your pets, they actually feel twice the pain and discomfort more than us, humans, so as their best friend, it would be best for you to have them checked regularly not to wait for the things to get worse than to have them suffer silently without the attention given.

Understanding the pet’s behavior may sometimes be hard most especially when they are being discreet of what they really feel. Having them with a regular vet checkup will help you recognize and understand them more fully. You will be able also to track their medical history and will be able to prepare medications and prevent them from eating or doing the things that will trigger their condition.

Animals are growing faster than human beings, and if you noticed, the changes may also occur as our age is increasing, so theirs too. They may be required with different food and supplements that will nourish them fully according to their age.

Sometimes, illnesses are developed inside the body without any signs outside, so when your pet is being checked regularly, you will then be warned and will be given the precautions of what to do with them, early diagnosis will always save your pet’s life.

Some pets may also be overweight or underweight which is a sign of a malnutrition, so bringing them for a regular checkup will make you know the proper weight and the ways to maintain them in the right weight. Not just malnutrition or obesity, do you know that also pets may suffer from diabetes? These are the pets that very exposed in sugars too.

Visiting a specialty veterinarian that focuses with the dental care will also help your pet most especially dogs to have the proper oral care they need. Also, best to know the proper hygiene for your little buddy so that you will not have to expose them to the chemicals or even water when not needed.

So, nothing is best for you to do but to let your pet visit its veterinarian as often as you can. For your pet’s new best friend, visit, Here, you will find every pet needs that you would like to have with your best friend in any size or with any medical conditions when they need the most. Have them at least a monthly check up to avoid any development of diseases in and out of its bodies. Visit the website now, and talk to them about your pet, start now and let your pet be healthier, happier and live longer.

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A Healthy Horse Is A Happy Horse

A Healthy Horse Is A Happy Horse

Posted By on Jul 22, 2015

The ideal veterinary clinic should be complete with all of the facilities. Referrals to another center for some pre-requisite tests would be time and energy consuming, plus the difficulty is that you are carrying your pet along with you. Good for you if it is tiny as poodle but how about carrying a pony for a check-up and laboratory blood extraction? Would it be too difficult for your pet to travel from one place to another? Do you know that they might be stress from doing this even if it will only take one day?

A comprehensive veterinary clinic with complete facilities is the ideal one to care for your worries, plus it will lessen your time in waiting for the modern facilities that directly transmit results in less than a minute. Prior to surgery, there is a need for laboratory checks through blood extraction. With this, your veterinary surgeon will be ensured of the condition of your pet. Once they are stable, they will undergo prep for surgery if this needs to be done in abrupt. There is a certain section in the clinic, which they call the O.R. or the operating room. In this exclusive area, all operation procedures are being performed to safeguard sterility and avoid nosocomial infections. There are some serious cases like tumors, which will take time to remove. Sterility has been a practice in all kinds of surgery to prevent further risk and complications from unsterile apparatus and practices. Curing something brought about by complications will be more difficult and stressful. It requires costly and high end antibiotics and you have to pay for the treatment and for admission.

After the operation is done, the pet will be moved to the recovery room for several days for proper healing and monitoring. In the healing phase, the support from the pet owner is highly needed. They are called to hear some changes in diet while in healing phase and they are taught the appropriate exercises their pet needs. They are also opting to hear a lecture on the possible complications and the immediate action they can do at home before calling the veterinary clinic. Medications are also given post-operatively like antibiotics and pain relievers to promote comfort and the timing and dosage of administration. As sensitive they are, they need to rest more often to get their body restored. The professional team will be readily available at all times. They will be our partners in promoting health and comfort of our pets.

Our pets deserve a devoted kind of care and treatment. As much as health matters to us, they also need to seek for medical attention when they are weak and some vitamins to strengthen their immune systems. As a member of our family, they also deserve to be treated specially like humans. The veterinary team will help us to get through in reaching our goal for our pets. That is to become healthy and well groomed. If you happen to live in the United Kingdom and you want to seek medical treatment for your weak pet, try to find to assist you and your pet’s medical needs.

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Lunging is considered to be one of the most important parts of a horse preparation when you are thinking of using it as your travel mode or for horse racing. This device is used basically with the discipline that the horse needs when it comes to having a supple, balance, and effectiveness every time you are engaging it a command to tell whether to stop, go and the direction for it to follow. You can find lungie bungie at to check out what they look like. The following are the guidelines that you will most likely need when it comes to preparing a lungie bungie for your horsey.

For you to effectively lunge your horse, there are things that you must consider best. One of these is for you to follow the exact steps in order for you to have the accurate effectiveness of putting up the lungie bungie. To start it right, you must lunge the horse with possible most lose fitting of the lungie then make sure that the horse is positioned accurately right until the horse will use with the equipment that will no longer react violently against it. The, let the horse to move a bit forward so that you would be able to adjust things up most especially the tension where the horse is comfortable enough as you can see. As well as, always put in mind that the horse may sometimes be new with the device, so it would be best for you to set the horse with a short time practice with follow up breaks so that it will never get stressed out.

The thing that you must never do is to force your horse into the tightest outline that you want things to be, because this may be a factor that your horse would react violently and get some trauma never allowing you to put the lungie back once again. Animals have the instinct to react to the things that they are irritated about. As well as, never attempt jumping with a lungie bungie attached to the horse because this tool is never made for jumping.

This tool may be easy to use but requires you better understanding for your horse not to suffer with any uncomfortable factor. You may use this with small ponies so that it would mold them better in an earlier age so that it would no longer be hard for you in the future. This will also develop early values to your horse such as multitasking focus and productivity. You may notice some horses are lazy. That is because of lack of training. So, it would be better for you to use lungie bungie as early as your horse could accept it.

You will then see the results in the long run. This may also develop good bonding between you and your horse. Training your horse even with this simple tool will teach it the essence of being responsible, as well as, you will be able to know your horse more, which will later on develop an easy control when you to are working for each other. If you want to know more about lungie bungies you can always check out

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There are different things that pet owners are looking for to be able to say that they found a good veterinarian or a veterinary clinic. One outmost importance of the equation is that the doctors and nurses and staffs are all licensed or at least qualified to take care of the pets one is bringing in for consultation or diagnosis. The clinic must be clean at all times. If there is an operating room, this must be a sterilized field. The clinic must be comfortable and well organized. If the facility is capable of overnight stay for the pets, the cages for the dogs and the cats and other pets must be in separate rooms. There must be nurses that will be on duty for the night to give a round the clock care for the pets.

Veterinary clinics must be equipped with different laboratory facility like ECG, endoscopy and other laboratory equipment. If this is not available in the clinic, one must have access to it in case of emergency. There must be emergency services available for the pets for if anything happens to them there would be people who will be able to respond to the emergency situation. Pet owners and individuals can visit websites like or for more information about facilities and services that veterinary clinics can offer.

But there is the other side of the coin. If one thinks that finding a vet is the end of the story, they must think again. To have a good relationship with the veterinarian, clients must also practice good manners. Like with any doctor’s appointment, one must have to call before the day that they intend to go to the doctor. When an individual have secured an appointment, they must be in the clinic on time. Being late would affect the synchronization of the office. A pet owner would need to schedule regular preventive visits to the veterinary clinic. This is to prevent any sickness or worse death that could have been prevented if only a checkup would have discovered the problem earlier. This is the most frustrating incidence the veterinarian experience, when they are too late to discover and do something for the pets. Know more about the pets, learning what is normal for them and not will let one know if they are sick and how sick they are.

If an individual is caring for a cat as a pet and is going to the veterinary clinic, it is suggested that the cat must be in a carriage. This is for the safety of the cat and also for the owner and other clients in the office. Like in any other doctor relationships, try not to disturb the veterinarian for issues that can actually wait. Always remember that a doctor no matter how good they are cannot diagnose the pets over the phone. Knowing the limitation of the veterinarian and one’s limitation would have a clear cut throat of what the relationship between the doctor and the pet owner will be. Find out more about by clicking the link.

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If you ride horses there will inevitably come the day where you arrive somewhere and need a fence where there isn’t one. Insert the portable horse fence. If you’re ever in the market for portable horse fencing, you’ll find that there are a variety of options.

If you’ve already decided on a portable option, you’ve probably also decided on using electric fencing too, but if not, check out the difference between the two here.

Before you purchase your portable horse fencing, take a moment to learn the ins and outs of this unique type of fencing.

What Makes Portable Horse Fencing Different?

Portable horse fencing is designed to create a barrier for your horse that is both easy to install and to remove. Portable horse fence is designed to be a temporary fencing, whether you just need it for a day or two, or if you will be frequently moving the fencing to new locations. Because it is designed to be temporary and easy to transport, portable horse fencing is typically shorter and smaller than a traditional fencing that you would use to permanently contain your horse. Portable and temporary options almost always depend heavily on electricity to maintain containment, which means your animals must be trained to electric fencing.

Potential Uses for Portable Horse Fencing

Portable horse fencing is ideal for a wide variety of uses. It is a popular choice among trail riders who camp out overnight and need a fencing kit that is easy to transport. If you are camping at an event like a rodeo or a clinic, using a portable fencing system allows your horse to be turned out even if you don’t have access to a true horse facility.

Horse owners also put portable horse fencing to work on their own farms. When a horse is injured and requires restricted turnout, portable fencing can provide the perfect solution. Additionally, portable fencing allows a farm owner to create a small pasture for safer turnout when mud or ice leaves a regular pasture inaccessible. Having the extra area created by portable horse fencing also allows farm owners to rotate pastures for a healthier property. (More on pasture rotation)

What to Look for in a Portable Horse Fence

When choosing a portable horse fence, consider the following characteristics.

  • Size

The size of a portable horse fence will vary depending on the number of strands that you want your fence to have, the amount of fencing you purchase or that is included in a kit, the number of fence poles, and the strength of the charger you will be using to power the kit. Since portable fences are temporary and must be easy to transport, many are smaller than a standard paddock would be, but still provide your horse plenty of room to move around.

  • Height

The height of a portable horse fence is an important consideration, especially given your horse’s height and attitude toward fences. If your horse is one who would jump over fencing, a portable corral might not be the best option for him. When purchasing portable fencing, make sure that you are aware of the height of the fence posts and the fence itself.

  • Weight
    If you will continuously be moving a portable fence, its weight will be a major factor in how well the fencing works for you. For trail riders who will be using the fencing for overnight corrals, a portable fence’s weight and ease of transportation. Don’t forget the weight of any electric fence chargers and batteries in this! Our favorite is probably the Gallagher S17 solar charger.
  • Cost
    Portable horse fencing is typically reasonable in cost, especially when you consider the fact that it can be reused repeatedly. When buying portable horse fencing, you may wish to opt for a kit which includes everything that you need to operate the fence, including an electric charger.
  • Ease of Installation and Removal

A portable fence’s ease of installation and removal is a major aspect of its functionality. A portable fence should be lightweight, and installation and removal should be easy and simple.

Portable Fencing Systems to Consider

Gallagher. If you’re looking for ease of installation, the Gallagher Smart Fence offers a progressive portable fencing system that is incredibly easy to install and take down. Storage and transportation are made easy, since this system’s posts, reels, and lines are all combined in a single system, meaning that you can install both the posts and all four lines of fencing simultaneously. Be sure to check out the below video for a demonstration of this fencing’s unique system.

The Gallagher Horse Corral Kit makes another excellent temporary fencing option. The kit includes everything that you need to create a 40’ square corral, all contained in an easy-to-carry bag. A Gallagher B-11 energizer is also included, which is made to be compact and portable, making this kit ideal for trail rides, horse shows, and camping where portability is key.

Speedrite. The Speedrite Corral Kit is perfect for rodeos, horse shows, or trail rides, and features 12 posts so that you can set up the corral in the layout that you need. The kit includes an AN20 energizer to keep horses from challenging the fence, and 660’ of ½” polytape allow you to create a generously sized enclosure.

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