A Healthy Horse Is A Happy Horse

Posted By on Jul 22, 2015 |

The ideal veterinary clinic should be complete with all of the facilities. Referrals to another center for some pre-requisite tests would be time and energy consuming, plus the difficulty is that you are carrying your pet along with you. Good for you if it is tiny as poodle but how about carrying a pony for a check-up and laboratory blood extraction? Would it be too difficult for your pet to travel from one place to another? Do you know that they might be stress from doing this even if it will only take one day?

A comprehensive veterinary clinic with complete facilities is the ideal one to care for your worries, plus it will lessen your time in waiting for the modern facilities that directly transmit results in less than a minute. Prior to surgery, there is a need for laboratory checks through blood extraction. With this, your veterinary surgeon will be ensured of the condition of your pet. Once they are stable, they will undergo prep for surgery if this needs to be done in abrupt. There is a certain section in the clinic, which they call the O.R. or the operating room. In this exclusive area, all operation procedures are being performed to safeguard sterility and avoid nosocomial infections. There are some serious cases like tumors, which will take time to remove. Sterility has been a practice in all kinds of surgery to prevent further risk and complications from unsterile apparatus and practices. Curing something brought about by complications will be more difficult and stressful. It requires costly and high end antibiotics and you have to pay for the treatment and for admission.

After the operation is done, the pet will be moved to the recovery room for several days for proper healing and monitoring. In the healing phase, the support from the pet owner is highly needed. They are called to hear some changes in diet while in healing phase and they are taught the appropriate exercises their pet needs. They are also opting to hear a lecture on the possible complications and the immediate action they can do at home before calling the veterinary clinic. Medications are also given post-operatively like antibiotics and pain relievers to promote comfort and the timing and dosage of administration. As sensitive they are, they need to rest more often to get their body restored. The professional team will be readily available at all times. They will be our partners in promoting health and comfort of our pets.

Our pets deserve a devoted kind of care and treatment. As much as health matters to us, they also need to seek for medical attention when they are weak and some vitamins to strengthen their immune systems. As a member of our family, they also deserve to be treated specially like humans. The veterinary team will help us to get through in reaching our goal for our pets. That is to become healthy and well groomed. If you happen to live in the United Kingdom and you want to seek medical treatment for your weak pet, try to find www.buchananvets.co.uk to assist you and your pet’s medical needs.