Buying Shetland Ponies with Their Beautiful and Vibrant Coats

Posted By on Aug 6, 2015 |

We love small animals to think that they have never matured and grow. The childish instinct of a person comes always when they see something cute or smaller than what they usually see. Some breed of animals comes just lately because of the process called crossbreeding and perfecting some of its characteristics including the size and their physique to apply for new breed registration for the new method of breeding they have used to create a new kind of breed.

Shetland ponies originated in the United Kingdom. They are short like other ponies but they are a strong and an intelligent breed. Its coat is thick and it has robust body. It is considered to be the strongest of all the horses and ponies breeds since it can pull something that weighs almost twice of its body weight. They are ideal to become children’s pet since they can give pleasure to small children because of it physical attributes and their gentleness that makes them lovable. If you are planning to purchase this kind of breed, you may check for you to have an idea on the tips on how to take care of them and how to train them to do some tricks if you are planning to bring it to the horse show.

There is an event which is also holding animal shows like horse shows that gives a chance to all horse owners to flaunt their ponies and horse pets for a showdown of talents and tricks. Shetland ponies are some of the intelligent ponies that participate in this kind of events. Pet owners had their pet conditioned and trained well to do the unique tricks to be able to win in the competition. They are also suite for an Olympic competition because of its quickness and agility.

Been used for general riding and may work at times, Shetland ponies can do many things that big horses can. Its body can tolerate temperature condition and it is considered to be a healthy breed and has high agility, but the only thing that the owner must watch out is their diet, since they are prone to catch laminitis which is the intolerable carbohydrates digestion that may cause them to suffer and die. Food should be controlled in quantity and you may seek the help of the veterinarian on their needs on how you will be able to be guided on its diet and nutritional needs.

When you are planning to purchase, you can actually pick 7 different colors on its breed. You can pick from grey, black which is the common, dun, roan, brown, piebalds which have the black and white on coat and the skewbalds which have the reddish brown and white pintos on its coat. There are many websites that offers this kind of breed, just find the most trusted one and have the love for upbringing this pets, you can go to to lead you to breeders who are not into selling but transforming owners into responsible and caring ones.