Portable Horse Fencing: Quick, Easy, & Portable Options

Posted By on May 14, 2015 |

If you ride horses there will inevitably come the day where you arrive somewhere and need a fence where there isn’t one. Insert the portable horse fence. If you’re ever in the market for portable horse fencing, you’ll find that there are a variety of options.

If you’ve already decided on a portable option, you’ve probably also decided on using electric fencing too, but if not, check out the difference between the two here.

Before you purchase your portable horse fencing, take a moment to learn the ins and outs of this unique type of fencing.

What Makes Portable Horse Fencing Different?

Portable horse fencing is designed to create a barrier for your horse that is both easy to install and to remove. Portable horse fence is designed to be a temporary fencing, whether you just need it for a day or two, or if you will be frequently moving the fencing to new locations. Because it is designed to be temporary and easy to transport, portable horse fencing is typically shorter and smaller than a traditional fencing that you would use to permanently contain your horse. Portable and temporary options almost always depend heavily on electricity to maintain containment, which means your animals must be trained to electric fencing.

Potential Uses for Portable Horse Fencing

Portable horse fencing is ideal for a wide variety of uses. It is a popular choice among trail riders who camp out overnight and need a fencing kit that is easy to transport. If you are camping at an event like a rodeo or a clinic, using a portable fencing system allows your horse to be turned out even if you don’t have access to a true horse facility.

Horse owners also put portable horse fencing to work on their own farms. When a horse is injured and requires restricted turnout, portable fencing can provide the perfect solution. Additionally, portable fencing allows a farm owner to create a small pasture for safer turnout when mud or ice leaves a regular pasture inaccessible. Having the extra area created by portable horse fencing also allows farm owners to rotate pastures for a healthier property. (More on pasture rotation)

What to Look for in a Portable Horse Fence

When choosing a portable horse fence, consider the following characteristics.

  • Size

The size of a portable horse fence will vary depending on the number of strands that you want your fence to have, the amount of fencing you purchase or that is included in a kit, the number of fence poles, and the strength of the charger you will be using to power the kit. Since portable fences are temporary and must be easy to transport, many are smaller than a standard paddock would be, but still provide your horse plenty of room to move around.

  • Height

The height of a portable horse fence is an important consideration, especially given your horse’s height and attitude toward fences. If your horse is one who would jump over fencing, a portable corral might not be the best option for him. When purchasing portable fencing, make sure that you are aware of the height of the fence posts and the fence itself.

  • Weight
    If you will continuously be moving a portable fence, its weight will be a major factor in how well the fencing works for you. For trail riders who will be using the fencing for overnight corrals, a portable fence’s weight and ease of transportation. Don’t forget the weight of any electric fence chargers and batteries in this! Our favorite is probably the Gallagher S17 solar charger.
  • Cost
    Portable horse fencing is typically reasonable in cost, especially when you consider the fact that it can be reused repeatedly. When buying portable horse fencing, you may wish to opt for a kit which includes everything that you need to operate the fence, including an electric charger.
  • Ease of Installation and Removal

A portable fence’s ease of installation and removal is a major aspect of its functionality. A portable fence should be lightweight, and installation and removal should be easy and simple.

Portable Fencing Systems to Consider

Gallagher. If you’re looking for ease of installation, the Gallagher Smart Fence offers a progressive portable fencing system that is incredibly easy to install and take down. Storage and transportation are made easy, since this system’s posts, reels, and lines are all combined in a single system, meaning that you can install both the posts and all four lines of fencing simultaneously. Be sure to check out the below video for a demonstration of this fencing’s unique system.

The Gallagher Horse Corral Kit makes another excellent temporary fencing option. The kit includes everything that you need to create a 40’ square corral, all contained in an easy-to-carry bag. A Gallagher B-11 energizer is also included, which is made to be compact and portable, making this kit ideal for trail rides, horse shows, and camping where portability is key.

Speedrite. The Speedrite Corral Kit is perfect for rodeos, horse shows, or trail rides, and features 12 posts so that you can set up the corral in the layout that you need. The kit includes an AN20 energizer to keep horses from challenging the fence, and 660’ of ½” polytape allow you to create a generously sized enclosure.